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Best Places to visit in January in India

January brings the best experience when visiting India. With precipitation less than Null and the temperatures respectively low, snowfall and skiing on several hill stations in the North is a common tradition. The South, on the other hand, promises a pleasant environment. The architectural and cultural reminiscence of the south offers soothing vibration during this time of the year. January brings out the best of the North-east, enchanting us with its Natural greenery and wildlife beauty. With Goa there is never a dull moment with its Swaying palms, vibrant Nightlife and Sparkling waters.

From Rajasthan, Munnar, Nainital, Shillong, Udaipur, Varanasi, to many more, India offers unique places that will leave your soul cleansed and mind rejuvenated. In case you're interested in going somewhere else, we offer the best picks and the best packages for a variety of destinations such as, Dubai, Maldives, Thailand and Australia.

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