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Known as the Gods own country, Kerala is a combination of backwaters, coastlines, spreading tea gardens and the coconut trees that symbolize the unending cultures of the region. It has one of the longest coastlines and is the best tropical destinations that you can find in South India. The palm lined Kovalam beaches and the hike up till the Munnar hills is some of the best taken adventures too that Kerala gives to you. The land of simple and literate citizens, Kerala amuses you with its spectacular dance forms, music and handicraft. Named as one of the ten paradises of the world, Kerala is known for long palm tree beaches, beautiful rivers, pious inland water bodies and a calm, green atmosphere.

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Kerala Tour Packages


The culture and heritage of Kerala is very unique from the rest of South Indian states and an amazing blend of various cultures that coexist in harmony here. The culture of Kerala is a combination of both Indian and Dravidian culture. Nowadays this culture is being influenced by the neighbouring states as well. The main USP of Kerala is its performing arts like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam and Martial Art of Kalaripayattu. As for the heritage of Kerala, it can be said that this heritage holds a special and important place in the Indian history. Providing a national integrity is the Kerala Heritage. kathakaliThis culture and heritage of Kerala are reflected in its various art forms, martial arts, dresses, the people and cuisine. When in Kerala do not miss a cultural art performance.

The visitors can enjoy the following art performances in Kerala.

Kathakali – A 300-year-old dance that combines opera, ballet, masque and pantomime.

Mohiniyattam – The dance of a beautiful enchantress

Kalaripayattu – a martial art form that involves synchronizing the mind and body

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